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If drilling on water is required, we have the skill, experience and equipment to get it done.

Sampling formations that are under a body of water can seem like a daunting challenge, however the use of a barge as a work platform can make that work possible.

When it comes to work on water, Walker Drilling has several options available. We own and operate our own small barge, which can be easily brought to and assembled on-site. This barge is useful on small bodies of water, tailings ponds, dam reservoirs and other places where the water conditions are relatively calm. This barge can handle the D25 drill or a tripod set-up.



Large Barges

We also often receive requests to complete projects on large bodies of water that require the use of a large barge. We work closely with barge subcontractors to get the equipment that is right for your project. For use on the Great Lakes, jackup barges are often the equipment of choice. This type of barge allows us to position our rigs with precision, and work safely on large, potentially choppy bodies of water with minimal impact from weather and water conditions that would otherwise hamper or delay drilling operations. These large barges are capable of handling our D120 rig, which is often required for the depth necessary on large water bodies.

Picture of a large barge


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