DayLighting Services

Daylighting (sometimes called potholing) is the process of exposing underground utilities for visual confirmation of buried lines. This can be achieved by conventional methods (i.e., hand digging), or by use of a hydrovac.

Hydrovaccing is a fast, non-destructive method of excavation which uses pressurized water to dig down through the ground, and a powerful vacuum to remove the created slurry. The slurry is then stored in an on-board spoils tank for later disposal.

While some drilling contractors will outsource daylighting requirements, Walker Drilling Ltd. is able to provide this service as part of a drilling contract package. This service can reduce wait times for daylighting and increase project safety, thereby lowering overall costs and risks. Walker Drilling Ltd. has 2 trailer-mounted vacuum excavation units that can be made available for your project. These units are also useful under certain project conditions to remove drilling used fluids and/or cuttings from site.

Where sensitive underground infrastructure is involved, daylighting before drilling significantly reduces the possibility of an underground utility strike, creating a much safer and lower-risk environment for drilling projects.


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