Photo of Matheson project


Summer 2014 & 2015

Our Matheson project spanned 2 years and used 4 different rigs. Summer of 2014, the Atlas Copco CS1000 and the Acker Renegade drilled holes varying in depth from 100m to 300m NQ. In the summer of 2015, 2 Duralite 800N drills were on the project drilling holes that varied in depth from 125m to 150m NQ. Additionally, our 350D excavator was on site to move drills as well as create trails and drill pads.





Zawar, Rajasthan (India)

June 2016-present

In 2015, Walker Drilling Ltd. started a joint venture with an Indian company (terra Contractors Pvt. Ltd.), forming a new company called Terra Walker Drilling Pvt. Ltd.  Terra Walker Drilling has been working successfully in India on surface exploration diamond drilling projects since June 2016.  These projects involve using a significant amount of local and Indian national labour, with Canadian advisors in place to train and advise on drilling techniques and methods as well as occupational health and safety standards and performance.

In November 2016, Terra Walker Drilling successfully completed an 1802m borehole, which is the deepest borehole that has been drilled in India to date.  This was a significant success for the new company and all the employees who contributed to it.  In December 2016, 2 additional drill rigs were added to the TWD fleet, which were a great addition to continue high productivity drilling.  TWD has had an excellent safety record since beginning work in India, and is striving to continue to foster excellence in workplace safety in all its employees in all aspects of the job. 


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