WRC New Market, East Gwillimbury project photo

WRC Newmarket, East Gwillimbury

April – May 2016

WRC was a geotechnical investigation of a proposed water reclamation centre for the Region of York. This project required the completion of 38 boreholes of varying depth from 3m to 55m. To complete this project in a timely manner we used our Diedrich D-120, and two D-50 drills. In addition to our drills on site we also used a tracked water carrier to facilitate moving water to drills on a very muddy and soft site. The boreholes required a number of specialized techniques such as PQ soil coring, mud rotary, split spoon sampling, Shelby tubes, and shear vane tests. The site access presented the challenge of being over a large area of muddy conditions that required our drills to maneuver over difficult terrain.



Ashbridges Bay Outfall Project

Ashbridges Bay Outfall Project was a geotechnical investigation for a proposed outfall in the City of Toronto. The project took place in the summer of 2016. The drill sites were both onshore and offshore utilizing a number of techniques and controls to mitigate hazards. The onshore portion took place at Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant and required drilling five boreholes of varying depth from 27m to 80m. The offshore portion consisted of drilling twelve boreholes of varying depth from 33mbgl to 84mbgl.


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