Other Equipment

If your project requires more than just drilling equipment, Walker Drilling Ltd. may have the equipment your project requires.

Other equipment owned and operated by Walker Drilling Ltd. includes vacuum excavators, barges, and concrete coring equipment.

Asphalt and Concrete core drill photo

Asphalt and Concrete core drills

Our Core drills are available in either Gas or Electric. We have barrels ranging in size from 4" to 12". With the electric drill we also have the capability to sample concrete vertically.

Chainsaw photo


We know better than anyone that site access can be difficult, especially in remote areas. Walker Drilling crews are trained in the safe use and handling of chainsaws, which can be used for removing obstacles or potential safety hazards onsite.

Hand Hammer

Another popular remote site sampling method. The Hand Hammer can be used to sample shallow overburden in tight spots, inside buildings, or slopes. If you need only a few feet of overburden sampled but can’t get a drill to it, this is good option.

Water carriers photo

Water Carriers

Our water carrier is capable of hauling 500 Gallons. We also have the ability to pull our water trailer which is also on tracks, for a total of 1500 gallons (750 gallons on each). This tandem can haul water into fields or bush as long as the terrain isn’t too steep.

Photo of excavator


In addition to our drilling services, Walker Drilling also offers additional services that may require heavy equipment. Digging test pits, plate load testing and trenching are just some of the specialized services we use excavators for.

Photo of bulldozer


Occasionally our equipment needs a bit of help getting in and out of remote job sites. When that extra push is needed to create access or relocate equipment, the use of a bulldozer can help make that happen.


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